On Wednesday, June 6th, The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a new resolution on youth, peace and security: UNSCR 2419. It calls for increased representation of young people in efforts to prevent conflict and negotiations to end fighting and implement peace agreements.

Just as UNSCR 2250, this new resolution further recognize the role youth could could play in conflict prevention and resolution, if actively engaged, recognizing both their diversity and the need to counter any stigmatization or homogenization and it urges for a youth´s views taken into account in security related discussions, and for facilitating their equal and full participation at decision making levels. Further, the resolution highlights that the youth, peace and security agenda is a crucial part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The resolution calls on all relevant actors to consider ways for increasing the representation of young people when negotiating and implementing peace agreements, recognizing that their marginalization is detrimental to building sustainable peace and countering violent extremism.  It also notes the independent Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security, titled, “The missing peace”, that gave vocie to 4 000 young people, which we will be telling you more about soon.

The Council calls on Member States to protect educational institutions as spaces free from all violence, ensuring they are accessible to all youth and taking steps to address young women’s equal enjoyment of their right to education. It recommends the Peacebuilding Commission to include in its advice ways to engage young people in national efforts to build and sustain peace, particularly urging appropriate regional and subregional bodies to facilitate their constructive engagement.

It also requests the Secretary‑General to consider including in his reporting progress made towards young people’s participation in such processes as disarmament, demobilization and reintegration, and interlinked community violence reduction programmes, as well as considering internal mechanisms to broaden young people’s participation in the work of the United Nations. No later than May 2020, a report on the implementation of the current resolution, as well as resolution 2250 is asked to be submitted by the Secretary-General.

We, Operation 2250, welcome this resolution as another important step to further put youth on the peace and security agenda. Here you can read the resolution in its whole.