“No man is an island” as the Englishman John Donne put it hundreds and hundreds of years ago, is a phrase that refers to the fact that human beings are social beings that don´t perform well when isolated. Although the quote might be old, it is by every mean still relevant and applicable in a peacebuilding context.

The UNSCR 2250 stresses the importance of establishing alliances and partnership between actors from various sectors of society for the construction of sustainable peace. Creating bridges between the state, intergovernmental organisations, the civil society and the private sector will be crucial for the successful implementation of the resolution.

The Partnership-pillar of the resolution is also key when it comes to the implementation of the resolution´s other four pillars – or more adequately put with the use of UN-language: they’re interdependent. Cooperation is necessary when it comes to technically, logistically, financially and politically viable solutions within the implementation of this historic resolution.

Are you willing to partner with someone today?